Fruit meets Menthol: Flavorful Fusion Deal


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SWFT Bar offers a variety of disposable vape devices with different flavor profiles to cater to a wide range of preferences. Here are some of the featured products and their unique characteristics:

1. **iCON Fruit Bundle Deal**:
– **Flavors**: Sour Apple, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Triple Berry, Tropical Blend, Watermelon Appleberry.
– **Features**: A diverse array of fruity flavors to satisfy every craving, from tangy to refreshing options.

2. **iCON Cool Mint**:
– **Description**: An invigorating blend of menthol and mint for a refreshing and rejuvenating vaping experience.
– **Features**: Provides an icy cool refreshment, convenient portability, and effortless enjoyment with pre-filled cartridges.

3. **iCON Coco Milkshake**:
– **Description**: A rich and indulgent chocolatey goodness reminiscent of childhood milkshakes.
– **Features**: Offers a sweet, creamy, and cool experience with a throat cooling effect for a truly immersive vape session.

4. **iCON Clear**:
– **Description**: A disposable vape device that offers a new level of perfection with a focus on flavor and comfort.
– **Features**: Quality coil system for flavor-rich vaping, extended battery life, user-friendly design, and a diverse flavor portfolio.

5. **iCON Candy Bundle Deal**:
– **Flavors**: Sour Apple, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Triple Berry, Tropical Blend, Watermelon Appleberry.
– **Features**: A mouthwatering assortment of candy-inspired flavors to delight your senses and satisfy your sweet tooth.

6. **SWFT Blue Razz Cce Disposable Vape**:
– **Description**: A captivating fusion of tangy blue raspberry and invigorating menthol with a refreshing icy finish.
– **Features**: Bold blue raspberry delight, icy refreshment, on-the-go enjoyment, and a hassle-free experience with pre-filled cartridges.

7. **SWFT Blueberry Ice**:
– **Description**: A blend of sweet blueberries with a menthol finish for a refreshing and enjoyable vaping experience.
– **Features**: Arctic fusion of blueberries and menthol, user-friendly design, compact and portable, and long-lasting enjoyment.

8. **SWFT MOD Bubblegum Vape**:
– **Description**: An authentic bubblegum flavor for a nostalgic experience that will take you back to your favorite gum flavor.
– **Features**: Authentic bubble gum flavor, portable and convenient design, no messy refilling or recharging, and smooth and satisfying vapor production.

These products offer a range of flavors and experiences, from fruity blends to refreshing menthol options, providing users with a diverse selection to choose from based on their preferences.


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